Monica Costantino shares her experiences in Drawing Class:

“The drawing class given by Abbey Road has been an unbelievable experience so far.  Personally, drawing has always been one of my passions, however; the students who aren’t necessarily so serious about art are enjoying it and getting just as much out of it as well.  Because this class is a beginners class, my teacher, Lindsay, had us simply start from contour sketching- otherwise known as the most basic exercise in art.  This set everyone at the same pace, which eliminated any pressure; it created an extremely comfortable environment. From there we were gradually fed more difficult tasks such as gesture drawings, standing exercises, and the focus on perspective.  This pushed everyone out of their comfort zone, encouraging them to try new things.  Although it became difficult at times, the results were only beneficial.  Students have actually been able to see a blatant change in their work since day one.  Another assignment we are receiving is the “Old Master’s Copy”.  This is our final and most important piece that we will be creating all summer. Each student is to select a painting or sculpture of his/her choice and replicate it using only graphite or charcoal.  With the amazing opportunities to observe monumental statues and the architecture throughout the city, drawing has become a highlight of my day.  The guidance and support continuously provided by the staff also make this class something to look forward to. It has been an incredibly learning experience and I’m sure each student taking this class would agree.”