Aria Cohen and Sara Schuster shares their experiences in Art History class:

“Art history with Daniele has been unlike any class we’ve ever taken.  His enthusiasm, coupled with our ability to experience the art in person, changed the way we think of art history.  On a day-to-day basis, we travel throughout the city listening to Daniele explain, or “make confrontations” between pieces on our own.  We constantly engage in analytical conversations, prompted by Daniele, and learn to recognize iconography, as well as understand the movement from Romanesque to Gothic, and finally into the Renaissance that Florence is famous for.  Living in Florence is not the same once you’ve learned to identify the different styles that surround you.  We’ve watched the great masters (namely Michelangelo, Raffaello, and Leonardo) diverge and expand their work, and we’ve (through Daniele’s descriptions) essentially seen the Duomo be built.  Due to this class we’ve gone from being spectators of this city to a group culturally aware of Florence’s rich history.”

Students strategizing during the final scavenger hunt

Danielle, Kate, and Sara 

Aria listens during a guided tour at the Accademia

Daniele and Danielle