Markie Ramage shares her experiences in Oil Painting Class:

“Oil painting is the best experience.  We have painted a still life using a grey scale, which is created by applying grey and white oil paints with a pallet knife, to teach us how to use value in a painting.  We are working on self-portraits and seeing how different color tones affect a painting.  Being in Florence, where the Renaissance was born, you find tons of inspiration from things such as the street artists, who use chalk on the sidewalks to recreate famous paintings, and of course by the centuries old paintings throughout the city.  Although class is held inside, we still find bits of Florence in our own art studio, that has a massive fresco across its ceiling.  During class we have a short break where we can take a moment to look at our paintings and I find myself staring at the studio ceiling in amazement instead.  We receive lots of help from our teacher, Antonio, who challenges us to use our full potential.”

Student self portraits displayed at the Art Show