On Sunday, we traveled to Lucca- home of Giaccomo Puccini and one of the few remaining medieval cities with the walls fully intact.  The students had their first experience with Italian trains- double decker AND air conditioned- bonus! When we arrived, we debriefed on the day’s schedule, and students had a chance to eat lunch and refuel before exploring this picturesque city. 

Some studenti chose to ride bikes around the walls of the city, some visited il Duomo di San Martino for a mini art history lesson with Daniele, while others climbed the lovely Torre Guinigi.  Those on bikes enjoyed the breeze and a relaxing ride around the exterior of the city.  Torre Guinigi offered an incredible view of the entire city, with a small garden at the top where everyone could take in the sights (and of course, fotos!).  Our first weekend adventure ended with a delicious Lucchese dinner of crostini misti, penne, and gelato with mixed berries.  Tired from the day’s adventures, we hustled to the train and relaxed on our journey back to Florence. 

Entering the walls

Abbey Road strikes a pose on the wall

Reviewing the plan for the day

Benvenuti a Lucca!

Off to lunch

Climbing il Torre Guinigi

Enjoying the view

Ready to ride