After getting oriented with this beautiful city and catching up on some much needed sleep, i studenti were ready to begin courses on Friday morning.  We began the day with a morning meeting to discuss the daily schedule, and then each group gathered to begin a life-changing learning experience! Students are learning from a group of accomplished professionals: drawing with Lindsay and William, oil painting with Antonio, art history and architecture with Daniele, Digital Photography with Pamela, Fashion Design with Jessica (at SRISA, an International School next door), Italian language with different local instructors at Lorenzo di Medici, Tuscan Cuisine with Antonio and William, and Italian conversation with Valentina.  Students were eager to jump into the material and explore their interactive classrooms throughout Florence. Che bravi studenti!

With a day of classes under their belts, students were ready for a weekend of adventure….

Digital Photography students visiting a bronze workshop

Exploring the artisan quarters

Emily focusing a shot