Over the past two weeks, some Abbey Roaders have had the pleasure of attending scuola ceramica as an evening activity.  We have been invited into the studio of Enzo Formisano, a local potter and artist, for lessons on traditional Tuscan ceramic painting.  Studenti had the chance to choose a typical Tuscan pattern or image, or to create an original design for their very own plate.  Enzo explained the history and tradition behind this type of ceramics, and then helped each student to decorate a beautiful plate to take home. The mood in the studio was calm and focused as students worked diligently to paint their pieces with care.  We have quite a group of artists in Firenze this summer! 

Mirabelle hard at work

Caroline is painting a traditional Tuscan pattern

Enzo's studio

Lena, Madison & Sophie with their finished plates

Finished products! Che belli!