On Friday evening, Abbey Roaders became very Italiano and were introduced to the wonderful cultural custom of apertivo! As it is typical to eat a smaller meal in the evening, many Italians participate in this tradition of visiting their corner café or local bar, and enjoying a refreshing drink along with unlimited appetizers! We were hosted by Nabucco Bar- right around the corner from our residence- and studenti enjoyed delicious mocktails (lemonade, strawberry smoothies, mango juice) and quite a spread of food. Plates were filled high with pasta, pizzette, crostini, piadine, vegetables, beans, and pastries. Yum!

Anthony, Mirabelle & Eilis are all smiles

Danielle, Caroline & Ilana enjoying aperitivo

Xymara, Claudia, and Maddie

Emma, Aria, Lena, Ilana, and Daniela 

General consensus- we love aperitivo!